Morten møter en Seiko-sjef, Shotaro Horie.

Klokkeriet - Morten møter en Seiko-sjef, Shotaro Horie.

Årets Basel by Optura gikk av stabelen sommer, med utsending fra Klokkeriet til stede.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

Basel by Optura er Optura sitt eget show/sommer fest, der de presenterer masse nyheter fra Baselworld for norske og skandinaviske kunder. Her velges det ut modeller til de forskjellige butikkene, og en får muligheten til en smakebit på modeller som er på vei, og som ofte vanskelige å få tak i.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet
Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet
Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

Basel by Optura er også en faglig mulighet for de som er interessert med forskjellige «workshop» for for eksempel sosiale medier, men også lærerike foredrag, blant annet med markedsanalyser.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

Jeg fikk også tid til ett møte med Seiko og Shotaro Horie. Han har tittelen

International Sales Planning at Seiko Watch Coporation.

her er ett kort intervju:

Et møte med Shotaro Horie

Seikos Shotaro Horie. Foto: Optura Nordic

Klokkeriet: Seiko is world famous for divers watches, but also the great Premier/Presage finer models. Are you feeling a great success with the later Presage?

Horie: Yes, we see a great success with Presage. Since it global launch in 2016, the Presage collection has introduced watches that combine Seiko’s traditional watchmaking skills with dials that showcase different forms of Japanese craftsmanship, from enamel, Urushi lacquer to Shippo. This year we will introduce a Presage model with an Arita porcelain dial this year. Combined with our high-grade mechanical movements, these watches show our brand’s unique Japanese-ness, and I am delighted by the high praise we receive.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

Klokkeriet:  It feels like they have been embraced by the watch community like a contender to the “Swiss competition”, is that how Seiko international feels it to? Or?

Horie: We are very pleased by your words. We have great respect for the Swiss brands, however we do not have competitors in mind when we make new watches. Rather our pursuit to watchmaking of the highest level as well as our heritage in watchmaking is foremost.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

For Grand Seiko we aim to expand our line up in terms of design, functionality and materials and to appeal to a wider public, without changing the DNA of Grand Seiko in terms of achieving the highest possible level of precision, legibility and beauty.

For Seiko we will be strengthening our presence through our global collections such as Prospex, Presage and Astron. Especially, Prospex has already gained the interest of younger generations, but I still think there is great potential to grow more internationally.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

Klokkeriet: The world famous skx 007/009 dive watch is being replaced by a new version with only 100m wr and no screw down crown, why lower specs on the new model?

Horie: About the new model, we cannot say any specifics at the moment.

As of diver’s watches, we will continue to expand our line up through Prospex.

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet

Klokkeriet: “Arnie” reissue is the big talk I Norway, is it a watch that you believe will be as important as the original?

Horie: This model will be reissued as part of our global brand of Prospex and with it we aim to strengthen our presence of Prospex globally. We are very happy that so many watch fans find the original 1982 model favorably. Our re-creations incorporate the latest watchmaking skills and techniques but uphold the qualities and characteristics of the original. In the case of design, we carefully consider what is most appropriate when giving the original a modern look and functionality while maintaining its essence.

Klokkeriet: Even if Norway is small among your brands international customers, is it possible that Seiko would produce a small series only for Norway? Let’s say a “Klokkeriet Prospex diver”?

Horie: Sorry, we cannot say anything about this question at the moment. Please discuss further with Optura. But for now we are introducing a lot of collections in our global brands. Prospex will have more models as it is the highest selling collection and at the center of our Seiko rang

Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet
Foto: Morten Paulsen / Klokkeriet


En av årets absolutt største overraskelser fra Baselworld var jo reissue av «Arnie», men også ny «6105-8110».

Min personlige favoritt blant Seiko sine nye klokker er helt klart LX serien, en arvtager etter Marinemaster, men som er oppgradert med Springdrive og en helt utrolig bra finish på alle flater. Det er Grand Seiko i hverdags forkledning.

Nyt bildene, og gled deg til nyhetene dukker opp i butikkene, hørte nettopp at en bekjent fikk sin 6105- reissue for noen dager siden, gleder meg til å ta en bedre titt på den.